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Keri has made cupcakes for school lunches today and what with it being Easter, of course they HAD to be chocolate related and have eggs involved too!

Darn it, I missed a trick… I brought in left-overs from last night! 🙁

Just to recap on chocolates, sweets and treats in school, we do share things at Easter and Christmas and Keri also does a cupcake for school lunch children on their birthday, but we don’t use sweets for praise or rewards, and we also ask that children don’t bring them in for sharing on birthdays either.  With 30 children in the class, and the possible frequency of it, you’d understand that it leads to a sugary overload and sets the wrong example of healthy eating for the children.

You can read more about this in the following link.

However… remember not to over indulge and also to share.  (Yes, do show this to your child if they don’t listen to you!  Mr T says so!)

All About Food At School!


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