We’ve been enjoying our Literacy work around The Three Little Pigs. We’ve started learning the story using actions and we’ve been making our own story-maps to help us retell it. Earlier in the week we came up with some questions that we would ask The Big Bad Wolf. Today, we had a go at ‘hot-seating’, which means that one of the children came up to the front and pretended to be The Big Bad Wolf (fluffy ears included), the children had to ask them a question and they had to answer as if they were the wolf!

Some of these questions were;

‘Why do you want to eat the little pigs?’ – ‘because I’d like some lunch!’

‘How did you manage to blow down two houses?’ – ‘I have a lot of huff and puff!’

‘Why did you run away when you fell into the big pot of stew?’ – ‘Because it burnt my bottom and I was scared!’

One of our challenges for this afternoon was to use the materials outside to build a house that cannot be blown down!