I can’t quite believe the timing, and irony, of my last blog at 4pm saying that we’re ready and looking forward to everyone coming back in.  What timing of this specific U-turn!

We have now been tasked with something incredibly difficult to put in place, overnight, before our first day back.

  • School will be open to children of Critical Workers – to those who cannot stay at home.
  • This means those of single parents, and those of ‘double’ Critical Worker families.
  • Also to those on our vulnerable list – EHCPs and those who we’ll get in contact with.

The ‘new’ rule is that you should stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives.

We’re going to have to re-do everything that we organised at today’s Inset and Planning Day, and put in place a system that provides for those in school, and a remote plan for those at home.   This is going to be a mammoth task as you can imagine, but at least we have some tools in place and some experience in it already.  Please bear with us and we’ll communicate as soon as we can.

For Tuesday morning… please only arrive at school for 9am if we’ve made contact with you, or if you are a single parent on the Critical Workers list, or a ‘double’ working family with two roles on the list.  Please complete this form if you need a place for Tuesday.

You can see the definition of the Critical Workers list here.  

Please complete this form if you need a place for Tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience.  We’ll update you with more as soon as we can.  Hopefully the DfE will email me with their guidance before bedtime tomorrow evening?!