After more hard work this weekend, the Forest Village is now well and truly clear,  ready for the ground sheets and bark to go down. The boundaries have now also been laid out using fallen twigs and branches from the space. So far we haven’t had to bring in anything new or take anything out, we’ve simply worked with what is already up there. We can’t believe the transformation that has already taken place! Once again, thank you so much to everyone who came along on Saturday and Sunday. Especially the little stompers! They did such a wonderful job and seemed more than happy to get stuck in the mud too! 🙂


Next job…several tonnes of bark to be spread around the area…Who’s in??? 😛


Little digger baby! Too cute!

Barney & Nicholas. Professional STOMPERS! Always happy to stomp for a chocolate Hobnob!

Oscar joins the big stomp…cracking job!

Troops! What a team!

Boundaries taking shape…

View from the upper level.

Stairway to Forest Village heaven…

All clear! Amazing work by all!