On Saturday a wonderful thing happened. At 10am sharp an amazing group of people came together. Forks and shovels in hand, the team of volunteers (adults and kids) dedicated their time and energy to make a start on developing the new Forest Village for the school. We are stunned at how much graft went in and how much was achieved and at the same time, just how much fun it was! It’s amazing what a person will do for a fresh brew and a chocolate hobnob!

In just two and a half hours the area was cleared, blood and sweat was spared as the team got stuck into the brambles but thankfully, there were no tears! FROGS’ man Ted led ‘ORS’ (Operation Railway Sleepers) and did an amazing job. Others sectioned themselves off to clear and churn the area in preparation for the decking and bark to be laid. With help from the Foo Fighters and stories of antics from the night before (there was a party apparently!) the job got done and everyone kept smiling :). HUGE thanks to everyone involved for giving their time on Saturday. Of course, this is just the beginning! There is still plenty of work to be done to get the Forest Village complete but WOW, what a momentous start! We can’t wait for the next chapter!

Take a look at the pics below to see how teamwork really DOES make the dream work!

 Watch out! Operation Railway  Sleeper is on the move!!!

We could have helped him but…WELL DONE MR T!!! YOU’VE GOT THIS!

     Synchronised weeding! BOTTOMS UP!!!

Harriet and Seamus scoping it out.

Harvey and Phoebe giving Ted a helpful hand.

Great work Phoebe!

  Watch out! He’s got an axe and he’s not afraid to use it!

                Consider this area cleared!

Ted and Mr T stepping things up a notch!

Sam taking the cleared goods to make a Hedgehog House!

Erm…guys!? What’s this???

Harvey and Sarah taking muddy boots to the next level. Great digging guys!

Sam chipping it up on the wood chipper.

This is where we buried the dinosaur! RIP!

Sam and Mark working on the Hedgehog House.

Oscar makes a croaky friend.

Stairway to Forest Village Heaven! SO COOL!