Hi, I’m George and I’m a shrimp.

I had a brilliant time today apart from a short amount of time in a blue bucket.

As from yesterday, I always thought plastic was in the sea and always had been, but I learnt something amazing today after wearing a VR Headset.  (Don’t ask how the headset was made or who made it so small, because we haven’t made that bit up yet!)

Who knew… that plastic comes from the human world!

  • Being close to the sea, there are lots of campsites.  Lots of inflatables were thrown away over the summer…  6 weeks, 6 campsites and 400 inflatables!

  • There were also lots of body boards thrown away; the cheap sort that break easily.  I see these in the sea all the time, mostly as tiny white balls 🙁

  • Supermarkets have tonnes of single-use-plastic in them.  Lots of items are wrapped in the stuff, and humans need more to carry it home in!

  • I found out that one of the bags, even with “100% Biodegradable” written on it, was still fully intact and in working order after 2 years in a bottle of seawater.

  • I saw some children today eating packed lunches containing single-use-plastic items too.

  • Nurdles … these are tiny bits of plastic that are used to make larger items in the manufacturing process.  Sadly, if they get dropped, they just go down the drain!

  • Litter and rubbish also get dropped.  I saw people dropping things, but fortunately I also saw some children picking them up and taking them away.  That made me happy.

At the end of the day, I was put back into my rock pool.  But I did learn, that this plastic is a problem.  I just wish that those humans would…

  • Refuse

  • Reduce

  • Reuse

  • Recycle