On Friday morning we had to postpone planned activities to make room for the children’s extremely strong desire to hoover. Naturally we weren’t inclined to argue and just decided to go with it. Let’s face it, as we all know, any opportunity that should arise in which young people decide to help out domestically should not be taken for granted.

This went on for quite some time and we even found a Henry Hoover song on YouTube.  Alas, after 20 minutes of listening to that on loop it did have to be turned off.

It would seem we have some inventors amongst the group and we are extremely proud to announce some new vacuum designs. The prototypes were taken to the Stepping Stones craft slab where they were spruced up to produce the most dazzling range. Despite the fact the products actually created more mess in the room (it looked a bit like a very happy, giant snail had been in and left a particularly sparkly trail around the room) we didn’t have the hearts to tell the children.

Mandy has been on the phone to James Dyson and an application to Dragons Den is in the post. We believe the children pointed out a very special message on Friday. Why shouldn’t household electronics be more fabulous???

Why not indeed!