Class 3 enjoyed a great day with our Roman workshop last Wednesday.

We traveled 2,000 years back in time to the year 49CE. We became part of the proud tribe of Britons who lived in Devon at this time called the Dumnonii (dum-no-nie-ee). It was a great way to find out what life was like in Britain during the Roman period – even if we did get invaded!


A Roman emmissary was sent to tell us about the wonders of civilization and the reasons we should want to become part of the mighty Roman Empire. We were quite impressed with their achievements (they invented concrete and underfloor heating) and they had some interesting sounding foods (peacock brains and doormice?!) but in the end no one believed that they really would let us keep our own leaders and continue worshiping our own Gods so we decided to fight rather than surrender!

In the afternoon we learnt why that was a bad idea when we were drafted into a Roman legion and learnt to fight like Romans. The Roman army was practically unbeatable due to its…

  1. Training
  2. Teamwork
  3. Organisation
  4. Discipline

I’m not sure Ollie (our Centurion) was convinced all of class 3 had the qualities needed to pass our probation and make it into the Roman Army full time as there was a few soldiers who found it difficult to follow orders and keep still! However we were able to defeat the united forces of Georgeham’s parents and pupils at the end of the day! Roma Victorias!!

Well done to everyone in class 3 for a great afternoon and a massive thanks to all the parents for the children’s amazing costumes.