With highs of 26 degrees expected this afternoon, the weather couldn’t be any more different to what we have been experiencing over the last few weeks. And we welcome the sun with open arms. However, nothing stops us at Stepping Stones, come rain or shine. When the outdoor calls, out we must go. So last Wednesday, after enduring many a wet and grey day, we decided that enough was enough and we are so glad that we did.

We are so grateful for our recent donation to purchase enough waterproof coveralls and gardening equipment to keep all of Stepping Stones dry and busy, even on our busiest days. It means that even when the heavens are open we can still get out and have slippy, slidey, fun times in the mud without having a care in the world about it! And, you don’t need us to tell you that the children were absolutely in their element. Take a look at this swarm of worker bees, getting totally buzzzzzy in the woods during Forest School…

It actually worked perfectly because the grass has been getting a tad long so we were able to get the kids to clear it for us. They didn’t complain too much.

Then of course, this week the sun arrived. So the overalls are hanging ready for another rainy day but for now, we are making the most of the rays! However, this doesn’t necessarily mean the children won’t get muddy. We can pretty much guarantee that they will! For where there is mud, there is almost always a happy child! 😉 And who are we to stop them???