Class 3 had a great day visiting Cheddar man (who is 10,000 years old) today. We walked through Gough’s cave which was inhabited by Cheddar man and his people over 10,000 years ago and learnt that its constant air temperature of 11 degrees made it a great place to live when winter temperatures at that time in Britain could reach -25 degrees! It has also made it the perfect place to store cheese in more recent times…

We then visited the Early Man museum where we learnt how Stone Age man made fire and flint tools, found out some gory facts about making Stone Age clothes, before trying on some outfits for size.

After lunch at the top of Jacob’s ladder, we went into the Dream Hunter experience where we learnt about how man evolved through the Stone Age to become a sophisticated and ingenious hunter gatherer by the end of the Neolithic period. Most of us decided that it wasn’t a very easy time to live in.

Well done class 3 for a great day – and a massive thanks to Cat Spooner and Emma Trueman for coming with us, as well as to all the parents who supported the trip and the incredibly early start!