Georgeham’s intrepid team of three (Amias, Sam and Fred) were hugely enthusiastic and quick to pick up the skills of bowls. Four schools attended (Georgeham, West Exmoor, Shirwell and Westberry) and fielded six teams in total. The experts from Lynton bowling club gave them all a quick lesson and then play began – the teams all played each other in a round robin. The winners would be the team with the most points scored in total. After each game the Georgeham team offered biscuits to their competitors – their version of the handshake. Our team took an early lead and flew through their first matches to sit in the first position. However the fearless Westberry team beat them in their fifth match and they went into the lunch break in second place, just 2 points behind WestBerry. They chose to practise through lunch and went into their final match strong and determined. The practice paid off and they managed to claw back enough points to finish on equal points with Westberry thus taking them to a finals play off.
The play off consisted of three games. Georgeham won 2 and West Down won 1. However the winner was decided by total points scored – Georgeham took the first game by 1 point, lost the second by 3 points and won the third by 1 point meaning that overall they finished 1 point down (3 2) to West Down.
They were chuffed with their second position and left determined to go back strong next year and win some book tokens for the school!