Last week class 3 baked their own Egyptian flatbreads based on a Jamie Oliver recipe (which you can download at the bottom of this post!). Everyone had tasted a range of breads beforehand and from this designed their own flavor bread, as well as the packaging to go with it.

It was quite hard (and messy) work getting the dough to the right consistency, and I’m amazed the carpets have recovered (thanks Joe!) but everyone produced some fantastic bread and Keri (Kitchen Manager and bake off judge) was very impressed with both the creativity of the designs and the taste and textures of the different breads.

All of the children did an amazing job and worked really well to support each other. Our overall winner was Josie, with Fin and Sarah as runners up.

A massive thanks to our parents Ana, Sarah, Jenny, Dan and Damian, without whom the day wouldn’t have been possible, and also to Keri who managed to get such a massive amount of bread through the ovens whilst also managing lunch!

Well done class 3!

Jamie Oliver flatbread