It was fantastic to work with class 2 and class 3 today to think about why we raise money for Children in Need. We thought about what we would like our pound to go towards. Here are some of the suggestions:

Joel-“I would like my pound to give everyone a warm cosy home, I know a pound won’t be enough but it can help.”

Isla-“I want my pound to help children who are sick in hospital.”

Tess “It would be good if my pound can help refugee children be safe in England.”

Esmay “I want my pound to give children a hot dinner.”

Eva- “My pound could help children in wheelchairs to do things that they enjoy.”

We also worked together and managed to do some DT and made a Pudsey bear to bring home that has moving arms and legs. 😀

To end the morning we managed to practise our high frequency words to write a sentence with the words Pudsey.