Lundy – last time I mention it this academic year I promise (maybe not actually!)

We’ve loads of really nice photos if you’d like to view or download them… but I’ve also, finally finished editing the Go-Pro footage.

Sadly, we’re missing the main bulk of Wednesday’s walk due to a dead battery – the quarry, German ‘Heinkel’ bomber, Admiralty’s lookout, North Light, the seals, puffin watching, Devil’s Slide, the Earthquake area, Battery fog canons, Old Light (again) and the final pizza and games evening 🙁  Lucky though, as the video would have been even longer than it is now!

Max’s favourite band – Metallica.  I thought ‘Wherever I Roam’ quite appropriate and ‘One’ which is about a WW2 bomber pilot – the children were surprised that everyone survived both of the Heinkel crashes on Lundy, with one crew even being protected from the angry fishermen by the Hotel manager and being put up for a couple of evenings too!

Hope you enjoy the video!  (Have you seen the photo montage too?)