Welcome to both Karen Ivall and Emily Smale to our lovely school!

You may have seen Mrs Ivall collecting Class 3 from the playground occasionally these past two weeks… but Miss Smale had her first afternoon with her class and children today in our school’s ‘Shift-Up Afternoon.’

Shift-up afternoons give a great opportunity for our children to see and experience what the classroom set up will be for next year, whether they’re newbies to the room or the experts staying put.  Today would have given our children team building opportunities and time to discuss what’s expected for the year ahead.

In this morning’s assembly, we spoke about changes ahead (it’s been a bit of a school theme for this 1/2 term) and how people feel about upcoming changes.  Annie said, “Exciting” and Sunday said, “Scary”… well it certainly is both coming in to a new job, new school, with a new team but Mrs Ivall has thoroughly enjoyed the whirlwind of a fortnight and Miss Smale loved her afternoon and is more excited than ever to start proper!

Do look out for Miss Smale as she’s coming in for a few more days before we break up next Friday 🙂


Mrs Karen Ivall (l) and Miss Emily Smale (r)

Mrs Karen Ivall (l) and Miss Emily Smale (r)