Class 4 were lucky to have ‘Ranger Rose’ come in this afternoon to share her knowledge about the local habitat. Although the workshop was based around habitats, the interests of the children diverted the discussion to focus on hedgehogs and badgers in particular…always great when the children are passionate about a topic and ask question after question. 😀

At the end of the session the children talked about what they had learned.

Jonah-I found out that hedgehogs can climb a small fence and badgers can climb a tree.

Milly- I can’t believe that hedgehogs can swim up to a mile in the sea!

Jess G-I now know there are 52 different types of butterfly in the UK.

Owen-Crabs shed their shell about 6 times in their life so they can get bigger.

Jonah-I didn’t know that badger warrens are connected and when a badger dies they block off that part of the warren like they are burying them.

Toby-I didn’t know that crabs eat starfish. That surprised me!

So much learning in just 1 hour! Thanks Rose 🙂