Babcock’s music service held a dedicated Northern Devon ‘Mix’ this year in the lovely gardens of Tapeley House. The Mix provides children with a range of performances and workshops and they come away, hopefully, inspired to try something new!

Hundreds of children got together for the Big Sing – Beatles’ With A Little Help – in our first workshop.  Missing the Battle of The Bands, 😞 , we had amazing fun at the Lindy Hop workshop! The children LOVED the ‘Itch’ and the ‘Smack The Baby’ moves! (I’ll have to see if the Go Pro picked that up well?!)

From there, we worked through our lunch at the Have-a-Go tent; literally letting our 30 children loose on many and various instruments!

Still snacking, we watched the Taiko drummers, and had a go at a routine of our own.  Finally, time to relax and scrape the corners of our lunch box while we heard some lovely singing in the Performance Tent… before Devon Teachers Rock Choir took to the stage for the finale of the day.

Children told us their favourite bits too… have a read of thier comments under this gallery.

  • I SO enjoyed the singing at the end but I loved trying the instruments as well.
  • The best bit of the day was when you sang Mr T, it was awesome.
  • I liked the Taiko drumming. I liked trying different instruments too.
  • I liked trying different instruments because I don’t get to use them otherwise.
  • I got to play the trumpet.
  • I joined in with the Teachers Rock Choir because they were so great.
  • I think it was a really good because I like music.
  • The tents were good; they taught you stuff in a really good way and they were fun!
  • GOOD! …I really enjoyed playing the violin. (Ellie Ivall from Kingsacre.)

Teachers Rock Choir are working with London Community Gospel Choir’s lead, Bazil Meade, in September with a gig in Bideford’s Methodist Church on the 2nd. If you’re interested… (only £5 a ticket!) email It should be amazing / awesome.