Thanks very much to the families who could make it today!

We had a great day doing many jobs around the school.  Tim C-W started us off in the nature area shortly after 9am; Rachael was taking control of the herb garden with Mrs Turner; Jo painted the visitor toilet (second coat on the summer we think?); Darcy, Arthur and Zoe helped out and then​ started on the herb garden signs (looking forward to seeing them); Miss Hill started on the School Council’s design for the Buddy Bench; Matt attacked almost every window outside school matching Claire’s cleaning on the inside; Ali, Daisy and Milly painted the front steps grey again, but this time it wasn’t raining; Ali also weeded the front beds with Sarah who finished it off to look lovely and fresh (need flowers now); Denise did lots of weeding in the raised beds and Lorraine did tonnes of cleaning up of the paving and path outside of class 3; Emma also cut back some overgrown areas and weeded lots; Josse did some gardening, strimming and well needed repairing of our fence; David Morton (one of our Governors​) helped Tim in the Nature Area (he was in there for the whole day!) and then nailed down anti-slip mesh to class 1’s fire exit; where Tracy had cut back enormously… who then moved to paint the outside of Class 2’s steps; and then I found that we’d missed something off the list, so Sarah & Tracy (on their 3rd job each) and I finished the day off painting Class 3’s cloakroom! A bit busy!

You could forgive me if I forgot to list a job or a person who came to help – there was lots on!

Thanks again for helping, whether it was looking after children, making tea or a small 15 minutes of help – thanks!  We now have our funding safely put aside for bigger jobs, such as painting the entrance hall and classroom rather than attempt it in the summer when we should all be at the beach!