We had an excellent time at St. George’s House this week!  We had some unexpected great weather for both days.

The children spent the first day on Putsborough Beach using rafts, boards and their Ringo inflatable with some great games, including a brilliant ‘Battle of the Tide’ with two groups making very different fortifications against the incoming tide that both collapsed at more or less the same time!

Fun and games continued in to the evening with ‘Free Play’ around SGH’s excellent grounds and then the Teddy Bear competition, story and bedtime.  A few children were so responsible (and shattered) that they went to sleep very soon indeed; others made full use of the ‘mass sleep-over’ and enjoyed their 20 minutes of bedtime before lights out.  The ringing of the church bell told them the time, so we’ve had one or two saying they stayed up until midnight, but we, the staff, heard mostly only snoring at that time 😉

Day 2 was spent canoeing in Ilfracombe Harbour and also a tour of Ilfracombe Aquarium.  This forced the children in to a slightly earlier wake-up than maybe they’d have wished for, but they were treated to a lovely calm sea state and a gorgeous trip round the headland to the next few beaches!  (Mr Thomas was very jealous as he had to do the Spelling and Grammar SATs with year 6!)

Everyone had such a great time!  We loved the fact that everyone took part in everything and even those less-confident in swimming for instance, took on the supported challenge of swimming under the raft to the other side!   They were such a brilliant bunch of children! (…and they were such a pleasure to have for the two days!)