In class 4 we have been choosing words for effect in our poetry. The children were given the challenge of changing the names of paint from appealing and tasteful names such as; Blue Saturn, Oyster Pearl and Lilac Grey to some much more disgusting (and funny) names.

Some of our favourites were; Stinky Elephant Breath Grey, Sweaty Socks Grey, Fungus Toenail Beige, Old Man Beard Grey and Sewage Water Blue.

Everyone had to write a letter, in the style of a poem to instruct a decorator how to paint their room.

Here are a couple of examples

Dear Decorator,

I have left you with a few instructions for painting my room.

I would like the walls a delicate shade of used plaster cream,

With a bold contrast of old knitted jumper purple for the ceiling,

My lampshades will be a gentle shade of whales burp blue.

I would love to recline on a Bursting Blue Vein armchair (the one at the end of the bed) with legs a sturdy shade of Fox Dung Brown.

When walking into my bedroom, I would like to be greeted by a Dirty Hippo Brown door,

With the frame a Holding Sailor’s Breath grey,

Whilst gazing out of my window on a summer’s night, I would like my view to be bordered with a calming Sickly Purple window frame.

For a finishing tough, please make my carpet a Sunburnt Skin orange, with a touch of fluffiness,

Yours sincerely,

Lola King

Dear Decorator, I have left you some instructions for my room.  I would like:

A thick coat of Bacterial Banana yellow on the walls,

A bumpy Fungus-infected plum purple carpet,

Pain the door a lovely Burpy brown,

Hang some Sewer-waste green curtains,

And my chair should be a delicate, fishy Cat Sick white.

On the far wall I want some out-of-date Lemon Peel spots,

The bed should be a dark shade of Old Chewing Gum,

To top it off, have Manky Sock coloured radiator.

Yours sincerely,

Toby & Rory

Great work every one but….I am never letting class 4 decorate my house if this is their choice of colour scheme! 😉