Welcome back everyone and Happy New Year.

Boris didn’t update anything this evening to what we already knew, had planned or had in place already… but there are a couple of things you could do or take note of to ensure we keep everyone as safe as possible.

> We’d really appreciate if children could also do LFD tests before coming in to school tomorrow.  This isn’t in the guidance and is completely voluntary, but it’s a good way to ensure that unsymptomatic people don’t come to school and doing so last term really did help to stem the school’s outbreak as we approached Christmas.

> Positive cases should isolate of course, and the new Staying At Home (link) guidance says about returning back on day 8 after two negative LFD tests.  There’s a great infographic within the document linked above that helps to explain the isolation timeline.  There’s also another infographic about how to stay safe indoors (link) when you’re sharing it with someone positive.

> Children don’t need to isolate when they’re a contact or there’s a positive case in the family, but we fully understand if you’d like to do so and we’ll try our best to support learning at home to usng Google Classroom, emails and/or photocopied work.

Class teachers will edit their webpages soon this week and you’ll also receive an ‘Overview’ that gives an explanation of the learning taking place this term in your child’s class.

We’ve got our Google Classrooms set up correctly in case we need to provide work through this platform for those who need to isolate.   You should also receive reminders of where you can find all the usual logins for online content.

Our School Value for the half-term is that We Are Confident, but we’ll also explain, explore and learn about not being overly confident.  We’re trying to support children to devleop their self-esteem and Jeremiah wrote in the bible about God having plans to bring about the future you hope for… this is what we’ll be working on this next half term.

Looking forward to seeing you on the playground tomorrow…
sometime between 8.45 (no earlier please) and 8.55 (no later please).

Mr Thomas