Ok, so we’ve all possibly unpacked and managed to recoup some sleep now, so I thought it time to download the GoPro footage and have fun compiling a video (it takes ages so bear with me) but also to download the photos and post a blog about the Yr 6’s amazing trip!

Some interesting points about this trip…
Tuesday… a 5am alarm clock due to an early sailing time, and a 7am meeting on Bideford’s jetty!
A dog poo bag collection of sea glass for Mrs Ivall. 🙂 (Does she know yet?)
“How long is the boat trip?” asked several times, followed by, “How far are we walking?” also asked multiple times.
We had some great stone skimmers and we also taught a few how to do it. Shame this skill wasn’t passed on to the frisbee thrower who later on got me in the back of the head!
Elfini only just mastered skimming and managed a brilliant 7 skims!
“When’s dinner again?” (We also had this one multiple times!)
Orienteering was brilliant and we had some amazing map readers!
“Don’t run on the gravel!” (“Actually, don’t fall over on the gravel!”) Phew… it was close.
Pizza for day 1’s evening meal. HUGE 12″ pizzas that the children designed with smily faces. Funny how the salad and lettuce was left for the adults.
Night walk up the ‘Old Light’ – Mrs R took about 20 attempts to throw something at the hanging wind chime inside, much to the children’s hilarity! Esmè told us that she really did see the year 5s Mexican wave of torchlight the other week, so we tried even harder.
A first – I never knew there was a little piglet compound behind the pig sty!
The story of the ‘Lost Heinkel’ is a sad one and the children drew comparisons with some of the England squad missing the penalties – you shouldn’t be mean or racist, but should understand and show compassion. Deep.
And our compass work evolved so much that some children were even doing back-bearings and leap-frogging for accuracy! For those that don’t know, we use the Lundy Letterboxes to navigate around the island… and it can be a bit tricky!
Only one seal at North Light, but five more came out of the zawn next to us, just as we were leaving.
We saw loads of Puffins at Jenny’s Cove. (Isn’t it ironic that The Jenny crashed at Jenny’s Cove?!)
The Earthquake area was fun… and shady, which was very welcomed!
Pasta for day 2’s evening meal. Funny how 1 lettuce lasts SOOO long with a group of children.
Diary… games… hot chocolate… tired children.
Thursday… packed-up in record time and out for some artwork. A lesson not in water colouring but about Lundy having the oldest postal system in the world. And of course, it’s valued not in pennies, but in puffins.
Burgers, letterboxing, stone skimming, caving again… and then a really late hometime ferry.
I’m tired just thinking about it all again!

Year 6 – you’re brill!