Class Stars 🙂

Our Early Years… Myla Blake

Class 2… Coco Windridge

Class 3… Charlie Mitchell

Class 4… James Ferguson

Staff Shout-Out… Mrs R – for looking out for everyone!

Thanks to everyone who donated some funds for the charity Families in Grief today.  Our non-uniform days are really nice ways to celebrate and make a note of a specific issue or charity and giving a small donation for the privilege of coming in non-uniform.  We’ve raised £100 but I think we’ll be able to raise a little more with some further donations on Monday.

We’ll make sure that Monday morning has a relaxed and pleasant start to it, to ensure that those children who may have stayed up to watch the football have a slow and quiet start.  School will be open from 8am for the Breakfast Club and between 8.45 and 9.00 as usual, for our staggered opening.  If you missed Class 4’s blog – It’s Coming Home.

Scopay accounts
Please could you ensure that Scopay accounts are settled in full for the end of term. If you know your child will be having a school meal during the last week of term please add £2.20 for each day.
Afterschool and Pre-school fees also need to be settled in full. Thank you for your help with this.

Lost property
The buckets of lost property have been available to parents and children for many weeks now.
During the last week of term please feel welcome to take any items you would like for your child. On the last day of term any clothing remaining will be donated to charity or sent off for fabric recycling.

Breakfast & Afterschool club requirements for the Autumn Term.
Please email Jo in the office if you know the days you require for breakfast and after school club next term.
Breakfast sessions are £4.00 8.00-9.00am
After School Club sessions are £7.50 3.15-5.00pm

Year 6 are off to Lundy next week!  Here’s how the Year 5s got on!

How YOU can help make our school even better

Behind the scenes at our school there are a number of volunteers who really make a difference to the experience your children have, and the ability the teaching staff have to do their jobs.

As you’ve seen from the parent survey results, there is real appreciation for the mammoth work the staff put in to make our small school a nurturing and wonderful place for your children.

As we come to the end of the year we would like to shout out a heartfelt thank you to all those of you who volunteer alongside a huge plea to sign up more of you next year. Without our volunteers it is so much harder for school staff to focus on their jobs and support your children to achieve their best.

We’d love readers – if you can spare a few hours each week, you could make a HUGE difference to our children’s reading ability by listening to them read.

We want sporty types – we’ve heard how you’d like to see more after-school and in-school sporting activities. If you have a particular skill or qualification in a sport please let us know – swimming, netball, athletics, tag rugby and so on.  Just ask the children about football – they LOVE the football club run by Jules, MAtthew and Matt!

We need governors – we need at least one parent governor! Governors work behind the scenes supporting so much of the school’s work and projects – no experience is needed just an open and inquisitive mind and time to attend and prepare for meetings

Could you be a clerk to our governors? We desperately need a part-time clerk and this role comes with the added bonus of a salary. All we need is someone with flexible time and strong admin skills.

If you have some spare time and experience (or enthusiasm for) any of the roles below please get in touch with Mr Thomas ASAP!


Please help our Friends of Georgeham School (FROGS) fundraising and help us with our severe lack of fundraising over the year.

Here’s some more details… Summer Santa list –

Could you be our next Parent Governor or Clerk to Governors?

You may be aware that we are currently seeking to recruit two positions at the school:

–          A voluntary Parent Governor to join our governing board

–          A paid, part time Clerk to Governors to administer the work of the governors

Governors play an important role in the school and support the head teacher to ensure the school has a clear strategic direction and plan, the finances to achieve it and remains focused on ensuring positive outcomes for all the pupils who attend.

Over the last five years the governing board has supported the school to deliver a number of key projects including:  the re-setting of the School’s Vision and Values, the development of physical spaces around the school, the investment in significant improvements to the school’s playground and physical equipment and the decision to form a Co-operative Trust with a group of local schools.

Click this link to find out and read more…

Forget what is behind us and reach straight for what is ahead.  

Run straight towards the goal.” 

Philippians 3 v.12


Dates in the diary… bottom of the front page…

Dinner Menu… 

Our school’s Designated Safeguarding Officer is Julian Thomas
We have three Deputy Safeguarding Officers; Jo Benfield, Emma Hill and Lucy Rinvolucri.

If you have any concerns that you’d like to discuss, please call through to Jo and ask for an appointment with one of us.  You may also find some useful or helpful information on our Safeguarding webpage…