What a great day!

It was lovely to see all the children back and there were lots of smiles.  Ok, just a few nerves here and there (maybe from the staff too?!) but actually, we all just fell back into the rhythm and it was just lovely!  

Smiles √
Catch-ups √
Friends √
Air High 5s √
Oh yes, some learning too √

Thanks also to everyone who dropped off and picked up today.  I’ve heard of schools having real issues with drop-off and pick-up times, but ours went well as far as we’re concerned. 
Social distancing √
One-way system √
Not congregating √
EYFS using the School House gate √
Parking and walking √ (Not right outside school)
Smiles, confidence in us and silence, calmness and a cuppa waiting for you at home √

(Let’s all hope, pray and cross fingers for a non-wet-playtime tomorrow though if you could please?!)

Here – have some photos too!  Look at our lovely school!