Happy Easter everyone!

I’ve shared another video for you, explaining our new term and the new way we’re going to be working for the foreseeable future.  You can access it by clicking this link.  There are two videos there actually, with the other being of the children singing the Spring Chicken song – that’s a fun one!  I wonder if your child can recall the Chocolate Song too?  “Oh I’ve got, lots of chocolate, give me, lovely chocolate, it’s the best thing to eat, for sure…

We’re still putting some suggestions of work on to the website’s closure tab, and they’re still based around the topics of being academic, being technological, being creative and also being active but, being that we’re off our holidays and back to school now, (in this new temporary way of working), we’ve increased the academic aspects of this ever so slightly, and we’re also moving over to use Google Classroom a little more.

All our children have access to Google Classroom by clicking Google’s login button in the top right and logging in.  Click here for a help-sheet on how to login.

A really nice aspect of using Google Classroom is that it’s more interactive with the children and staff within it.  You can access links and resources, you can ask questions and chat with other members of the classroom and we’ve given permission for you to post something up too.  This way, we can all be a little bit more interactive in our learning, rather that isolated away from our class friends.

We understand of course, that parents and adults will need to control this a little more for the younger children, but this gives all our parents the ability to interact with each other too.  This is a really nice element of online learning, by establishing a way of staying in touch and we all know that this is quite important for everyone’s mental health… even more so during these odd times.

Our new term also starts off with the School Value of, We Are Adventurous.  This isn’t purely about being out and about, and being physically adventurous, but the bible verse we’ve chosen to sit alongside our value, is that of Thessalonians 5,11, “Encourage one another and build each other up,”  and that’s exactly what we’re trying to do with Google Classroom!  Please be supportive and encouraging of and to one another!

Team 1 and Team 2 have worked at school over the past few weeks (we did manage to have a week off for our Easter break) but we’ve got Team 3 starting at school this week, with Mrs R and Mrs Ash.  However, I’d like to say a thank you to all the staff who are working in the background and keeping the school running in new ways!

Hope you have some chocolate left over to last you a little longer!

Take care, be safe, and be physically distant, not socially distant. 🙂