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You do not need to ‘join‘ the conversation… but it’ll take you to my shared folder where you also have access to yesterday morning’s welcome and today’s ‘assembly’ too.   Tomorrow… is singing assembly.

I’ve done some work at school (yes, important, necessary, vital and critical) and have come back to do more at home – had my almost-daily conference phone call with the local Headteachers, and then also a Governing Board meeting via Zoom.  Just need to blog this before I get outside and put my feet up!

We really do find ourselves in unfamiliar territory at the moment.  It’s been extremely hard over the past week, over the weekend, and then again at the news last night and I’ve had to ensure that I take time myself to comprehend what’s going on.  Children’s behaviour may also change as they start to realise that school is working differently.  They might experience increased levels of anxiety, anger or just become quieter and more introverted.  This is to be expected during these times but we can all help.

Please make sure you give your little ones a cuddle – they really do tune in the minutiae of your behaviour and can tell you could be anxious too.  Just give them a cuddle… then go outside and paint water on the fence – butterflies, rainbows, flowers, or zombies – just have fun and show them some love.  Don’t stress too much about the work and be a demanding parent, but sit down and embrace some relaxation time too.  Read a book together!
Thank you all very much for your understanding of what we’re all going through at school too.  I have daily conversations with the local Headteachers in the Cooperative Trust and I am in touch with many, many more across the country to make sure we’re doing everything right and in regard for best practice. 
I hope the learning packs have been useful for you so far this week.  Of course, we’ll be unable to print lots over the next few, and we’re very aware that some families will be unable to print at home, so we’ll be looking into making ‘packs’ in the form of a menu of activities.  Hopefully you’ve seen our web pages that we’ve worked on recently…
Don’t forget, that you can email your teachers at steppingstones@, class1@, class2@, class3@ and class4@ as well as myself on head@… but we also have one called homeschool@ where you can email in some pictures of your home learning and and we’ll blog a collection of them when they’re in.
Small School, Huge Horizons… continuously finding and learning new ways to work.
We Are A Community… Love your neighbour as yourself, please.
Working Together… Braunton Community and the Braunton Learning Cooperative of schools… all of us looking out for each other.  Please reach out and phone – Google Hangout – Zoom to each other – or shout over the fence to someone!  🙂
Be safe & be physically socially distant, but NOT literally.
Take care,