Our School Council met this week and we spoke about Ecobricks. Gil said they were, “Ecobricks are Cool!” (big thumbs up) and they all said they wanted to make something out of them. They suggested possibly a seating area, a bench, a table and even went on to say that they could play with the coloured bottoms so that they made a rainbow! We’re just not sure yet what to make them into!

What we do know, is…

  • that Ecobottles prevent a lot of unrecyclable plastics going to landfill.

  • we need to limit the style of bottle so that the construction process is easier. Robinson’s Squash could possibly be the standard considering we’re a school community, 2ltr pop bottles too… we’ll just need a builder to try fitting them together!

  • Ecobottles need to be packed quite tightly, pushing it down with a stick.

  • Ecobottles help educate our community about the amount of plastics that would end up in landfill.

  • Ecobottles encourage our community to reduce the amount of plastic they rely on.

How to make an Ecobrick

PDF booklet: The Principles, Theory & Techniques of Ecobottle Construction

500ml bottle = 167g
1000ml bottle = 333g
1500ml bottle = 500g