Times Tables Rock Stars has been a big hit over the past year and since it’s doing so well, we’ve decided to buy the app for our families too!
Use iTunes or Google Play and search for TTRS

TTRS logins for all of our children (Year 2 upwards) are stuck inside reading or homework books (year 2 have been issued today) but if you can’t locate yours – please email and we’ll try to send details over.

TTRS have been busy over the past few months and now provide a ‘Sound Check‘ element of the game providing your child 5 seconds to answer each of the 20 questions – just like the National Test that is coming out next year for children in year 4.

TTRS have also rolled out an ‘Automatic Training Mode‘ (ATM) which apparently makes it easier to get into the times tables by drip-feeding easier tables at the start, giving children the confidence but also the experience of playing, and purchasing items for their avatar!

How does ATM work?

Learners play in the Garage or the Arena and begin with our first set of questions (1×10 up to 4×10). When they’re ready (when they can answer at a rate of 20 per minute), we’ll introduce the next set of questions. As learners progress, ATM brings in commutativity, missing number questions and division facts, before moving onto the next table and starting the process again. Once they have a few tables under their belt, ATM combines them for a while, to consolidate recall, and then brings in a fresh table. The process repeats – all the while giving plenty of opportunity to revisit prior learning, by interleaving earlier tables and giving due weight to the facts we know learners struggle with the most – until your learner has become a Rock Star at all the tables!

Hope you have fun playing with these over the Christmas break!
Mr Thomas