A very poignant Armistice Day service at St. George’s Church this morning.

Our children’s poppies were very gratefully received by the community and many people remarked at how beautiful they are.  Some even spotted the 11 purple poppies painted by our Stepping Stones children, representing the estimated 11 million animals that died during the war.

Lucy Rinvolucri and Sarah Tucker have spent considerable time over the past week getting the poppies ready for church; thanks both!  They won’t be wasted either, as we’ll be adding some more coloured ones to the bouquet and placing them on our fence outside school.

Badgers (our St. John Ambulance club) were represented at church too, and they took their flag up to the alter.  Pam also managed to get her hands on the cutout soldiers for us; they really were quite a significant part of the service.

It’s important for our children that they don’t forget the men, women, the young ones and the animals that died in conflict, to secure peace and forge our future.

Lest we forget.

I am daisy.
At night I dream.
At night I dream that I sway in Flanders Field.
Beneath me brave soldiers lie.
At night I dream that I hide in overgrown hedges, my bright petals giving me away.
At night I dream that my sweet scent floats through the air.
My petals blood red.
At night I dream that I float upon the clear waters of PuPu springs in New Zealand.
At night I dream so that you can dream with me.

By Amias Tuffnell