To end an amazing week (and I’m blogging in reverse if anyone’s noticed) we had the launch of our Teachers Rock YOUTH Choir album last night, Saturday 30th June.

TRC has been going for 5 years now and members come from all walks of school life – teachers, admin, TA staff, Headteachers, teacher trainers and retired teachers too.  Miss Summerville and Miss Smale joined recently us and Miss Butters (for those who remember our excellent student from a few years ago) is a member too.  It’s nice to note that Miss Butters is one of the few singing coaches and part of the management structure and Miss Summerville is in charge of social media – Georgeham staff fully at the helm of TRC!

A year ago, TRC were delighted to have the Rev. Bazil Meade as our patron.  Bazil Meade is the founder of London Community Gospel Choir and has just received an MBE for his services to music, especially the development of British Gospel Music.  We’ve had some excellent sessions with Bazil and he’s amazed at the singing and 3-part harmonies we’re getting the children to do!

Just these past few months, TRC initiated the YOUTH Choir, several of us bringing children from our schools to a mass event in North Devon… cutting a CD with Mike Newbon and putting on a launch last night at Kingsley School… which was absolutely amazing!

Participation in singing is much higher at Georgeham than other schools, it’s accepted as something ‘normal’ that you do and are not embarrassed about (as we’ve spotted in other schools) and the transition choir at Braunton last year was made up predominantly by Georgeham children.  I was quite proud!