The Met Office is providing different reports for Braunton, Croyde and Putsborough for tomorrow’s weather and possible timing of the arrival of more snow.  Linked below (and pictured above) is the worst case scenario, for Putsborough.

We plan to open and staff will attempt to come in to school, but we will make a final decision at 7.45am in the morning

If we remain open, we will make a further decision through the morning and I think it’s possibly best if we have an early closure, after lunch at 1pm, since there will be snow on its way.  This will ensure everyone is safe and can manage to get home… including staff.

Met Office link >

Please be safe and take care coming to school.  The playground is already gritted and we’ll have a bag ready for the road if needed.

Our Website, Blog, Subscriber emails and Facebook all proved to be working well this morning with everyone hearing the message of our closure.  Thanks also to those who shared or passed messages and phone calls. Thanks also to the parents who had to make alternative arrangements for today – we appreciate that this was a hard decision for you and you may now be jealous of all the fun others are now posting on Facebook.  I, like you, worked all day too!