Class 3 had an interesting visitor yesterday morning in our Ancient Egyptian workshop. Howard Carter came in to tell us all about his discovery of Tutankhamen’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings. We had to solve an Ancient murder mystery and decide who had killed him – the most likely suspect was his uncle (the innocent looking Theo) who ended up as the next Pharaoh. Although historians now think he was actually hit by a chariot rather than being killed. It was fascinating to hear so much about someone who lived well over 3,000 years ago and to see some of the artifacts that were found in his tomb.

We also heard 4 different stories about ancient Egypt and had to create freeze frames from the stories. See if you can guess what is happening in each of these scenes:

After lunch we became Wetyus (trainee embalming assistants) and learnt how to mummify fruit pharaohs – which proved to be much trickier than it looked (and pretty messy).

We now have to leave our pharohs for 2 weeks for the natron to absorb all the moisture before we can wrap them in linen and complete the process.

Thanks to all of the parents for such a great response to our request for support with the cost of the workshop, and for the effort you put into the costumes, I think you’ll agree everyone looked amazing…

Well done class 3 – you were ALL excellent listeners today and I can’t believe what a great job you did to get finished and cleared up on time!