The deadline for completion was 2.30pm on Monday, and each boat was given 2 attempts to race down the 3 metre trough – it was a very demanding task as although most of the boats were fine in the paddling pool, getting them to go straight for 3m was way harder!

The results for the fastest boats were as follows:
1st Elijah – 7.06 secs
2nd Beau D & Rory – both 7.9 secs
3rd Molly S – 8.4 secs

The fastest team with an average time of 13.4 secs was Jejlie : Evie, Jas, Isabel, Ela, Jess and Lola G.

After the race, Miss Trute’s sequin and glitter stash was raided and it was time to add the finishing touches for the ‘Best Design’ competition (voted for by the children).

1st – Unicornia – Tess (18pts)
2nd -BD Titanica – Beau D and Barry – Molly G (both 16pts)
3rd – Painty Mc Paintball – (14pts)
4th – Rusty Emoji – Poppy (13pts)

Well done to everyone in class 4 – not only did they design some amazing boats, they also worked well and supported and encouraged each other all through the week.

A massive thanks to FROGS who funded the project and enable us to do big DT activities such as this, and to all the parents who gave up so much of their time to come in and help – you were all nominated for stickers by the class!