What a brilliant day some of our Class 3 had!

The Braunton Learning Community got together and took part in the Northern Devon Springtime Celebration at the Queen’s Theatre on Monday night, with 4 of our local schools collaborating on a Country and Western showdown!

11 of our children took part and played Ukeleles, the drums (you know that straw-chewing, sit-on-top in the corner of the barn sort of drum?), shakers and also a bunch of girls doing a line-dance in the middle of the theatrre… along with many other children from Kingsacre, Marwood and Caen Primary schools.

Other Learning Communities took part with some excellent and impressive performances all round!
In the practice run during the afternoon, we didn’t get to see ‘Ilfracombe Rocks’ and ‘Make The Move’s full performance (including Freedom playing the guitar again) nor the dancers on stilts that slowed our entry to the stage… but as a result, what was just excellent… and another reason why I love the job so much… is the look along the line of our children!  They were enthralled by the variety and breadth of activity going on on stage – it was such a pleasure to look at the reaction of our own children and not just at the amazing things taking place on stage.  I hope our children and all the others there last night took the same amount of pleasure from the evening as I did!
Yet again, our children were perfect embassadors for our school!  🙂