We managed to get some races in during this morning, in between the downpours!
An assembly this morning talking about being a Community… a discussion about what Lent is… a good comparison about what people put on their pancakes, and disgust that I sometimes have cheese and marmite (I also have brie and caramelised onion)… and then we really were part of a Community when we all went outside in our Family Groups to run and flip pancakes and scream on top of our races to our friends and family!

The only rule – flip three times between the start and finish!

We also explained that it’s Shrove Tuesday tomorrow, on Tuesday, so that they didn’t expect any tonight! It’s just that we’ve a class out tomorrow AND the weather doesn’t look too good 🙁

I can’t flip pancakes… yet!

Said Isabella.

I cheered for my friend, even though she’s not in my Family Group, because she was upset when she did it last year.