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Wake Up and Shake Up!

Hope you enjoy seeing what we got up to this morning! Thanks very much to Mrs Poynter and the pupils of West Down Primary who showed us their lively morning routine! So... a couple of times a week then?!  ...even better when the sun's out!

Dune Ecology and recycling food blenders…

Class 4 had an excellent afternoon today, looking at Braunton Burrows in great detail! You normally talk about the burrows from the sea back towards the land but we approached from the car park, so we ended up doing the whole thing backwards... never mind, it all still made sense as we walked through. Wonder if you can work out [...]

Netball and volleyball clubs…

Ella, Isobel and Liza have been thoughtful and set up a lunchtime volleyball club for classes 2 & 3... all spurned on possibly because Gracie's mum, Emma, has volunteered time on Mondays to run the after school netball club. Well, thanks girls... and thanks Emma! Well all be more sporty and fit as a result! :-)

Esther’s Poem – it’s really nice… ;-)

Dear Aunty Edwina, I hate the hat you got me, it’s so babyish. I absolutely adore my lovely new hat. I made the dog chew it and even he spat it out. I wear it everywhere. Seriously who would wear that out, It’s got pepper pig on it, Only a 3 year old…*PS I’m 9!* I love the colour lime [...]

Parents’ Session – Wednesday 13th 9am

Our Governors held an open session one evening just before Easter to explain some of the recent changes to the Curriculum and School system, and how these could affect our school in the future. *We're holding a repeat session* so that parents who couldn't make it that evening have another opportunity to come and share their thoughts with myself and [...]

Is it Easter…?

Anyone would have thought it was Easter! Class 4 have an Easter Egg hunt later, class 3 are making their own... which is very confusing as there are a multitude of egg-shaped notes dotted all round the school, and we were treated to Hot Cross buns at playtime, courtesy of myself (one of my #40acts 'doing Lent generously' acts). I [...]

Sport Relief…

We'll add to the photos later... just as soon as I've taken this kit off and made sure Health and Safety is adhered to... also that I don't put holes in the hall floor with these crampons on my way back to my office! Not quite looking forward to the mile run later either - that's about 9 laps of [...]

Test photo

New Website

What was the public's view of our school at the start of the last century? Tony Fletcher, who came to our school back in the late 1930s, sent us this photo a while ago showing our Maypole being used by the school children outside the Village Hall in 1937, most probably for the Coronation of George VI. Tony is in [...]

Class 4 helped Braunton Library…

Last week some of Class 4 went to Braunton library to talk about what we like about libraries and how we can make them better. We split into five groups to answer different questions. Here are some of our answers on how we thought Braunton library could be better: - Introduce a Recommended Book of the Week, or a Top [...]