After a chilled movie evening watching School of Rock, we all settled down for the night (finally, a warm cup of tea!). Until the clock struck twelve and the thundering of elephants on creaky floorboards alerted us to an emergency of the bump kind. Giant floor bed created to cheer up our wounded soldier (how Thea slept through that I’ll never know!) and a few (hours of) giggles later, all was quiet.

They were allowed a bit of a lie-in today, so naturally, they woke up early (thank you Mohammad for the accidental alarm setting off!). After our final wonderful Miss Trute brekkie through bleary eyes, it was time to tidy up. Smelly socks reunited with owners (Kitty), dried-on bird poo hoody discovered (Arthur) and an entire box of lost property (which ALL turned out to be Esme’s!) packed away.

A few “I don’t want to leave!”, “Can’t we stay for just one more night pleeaaasseee?” and “I can’t find (insert random object here)” later, we all loaded onto the minibus. Excellent! Time for everyone to have a snooze…..

“Hi, I’m Bob, I’m a goldfish, and a goldfish has a memory of – hi, I’m Bob, I’m a goldfish” etc etc. (Unless you’re Arthur and you forget the name).

The novelty of waving at every … single … truck has finally worn off – a tired bunch indeed!

Are we there yet?