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Georgeham Primary School is one of twenty two ‘Solar Schools’ in the UK. This is the name given to us by the organisations supporting our crowdfunding fundraising for the solar panels we’re hoping to install by summer. We’ve done well in our fundraising so far, but don’t worry, this isn’t a request for your money.

We’ve entered a photo competition that needs Facebook likes for us to win the 1st prize of £5000. There are only 8 schools entering the competition out of the 22 that are eligible so we’ve got a good chance of winning with your help and LIKES! With feed-in tariffs over 25 years and reduced bills, winning £5000 would equate to over £15,000! It’ll also reduce our carbon footprint and we’ll be educating our children about sustainability too.

Please, like our photo here

(We only have a week for voting with a closing date of Friday the 27th!)

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