Getting ready for our Solar School Launch night next Monday (10th November at 6pm) Class 3 have designed the Totaliser and in true Blue-Peter style, well without cardboard boxes and egg cartons, I have made it over half term!

Millie, Maia, Jessica, Isabel and Rudi all designed their Totaliser with the beach at the bottom and the sky at the top.
Gracie, Jessica, Isla, Belle and Polly Hood also placed a big sun at the top of their Totaliser.
Max, Rudi and Aaron suggested we incorporate some lightning too.

Suggesting how it would work…
Owen said it should be made from wood and that we’d move the marker and somehow stick it in place.
Rory and Jessica extended the colours of the bit that moves from just one colour to the full rainbow.
Isla said we should pull the coloured fabric from the bottom to the top and Isabel planned that the fabric should come through a slot at the bottom.

It was surprisingly easy to come up with the final design incorporating everyone’s thoughts and so the final thing will be being painted by our Art Club after school today, ready for its unveiling next Monday to the children in assembly and the community, later in the evening at the launch event.

The one bit I didn’t incorporate into the design was a hole to drop coins in.  Isaac, Belle and Malakai thought that the Totaliser would move up as more money was dropped in – I ran out of time to get that part done but if anyone wants to drop by with a drill, hole cutter, flexible tube and a bucket to put behind it, you’re more than welcome to come in and add your bit!

Hope to see you at the launch night… or assembly in the morning if you’re one of our children reading this!