Our Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) topic this half term is all about getting on and falling out.

In assembly this morning we saw some pictures of children falling out – some were quite mean with children picking on others!  We discussed what we would do when someone is hurt, when someone is playing with something we would like to play with and also when there are lots of children all trying to play with a single football!

We discussed what we should do instead of falling out with others and how we should get on and be friendly instead.

Proved this morning when Daisy Dooley asked Polly Leech what colour crayon she’d like her spelling test to be marked in “pink!” was the reply.


Je t'ai apporte des crayons
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Pierre Pouliquin via Compfight

Editors note: Jess has informed me, she asked Maia first! (She asked for purple.)