Thanks to the children and families who came to the service earlier today. The poppies lining the pathway had several lovely comments made of them. Well done to Mrs Rinvolucri for the design and hard work getting them made around school.

The clock was re-dedicated at 11am with an eerie sound of thunder bellowing in the distance whilst we were all silent. Poignant but so very eerie. A couple of local names called out, mostly men between the address of 19 and 23.

The children went to St George’s House for a short time, apparently doing the Upward’s gardening, digging trenches.

… And then back in to church for the last bit of the service. The gallery below will show a couple of lovely photos of the sweeping fall of poppies from the pulpit, made in-situ from felt petals and pipe cleaners; thanks Tracy, lovely idea.

Thanks also to Sam Hood as the village walk will be set up again for Tuesday where the whole school, ooh, weather permitting, will find out more of the village back in the early 1900s.