Well done Beau Dooley!

“He has worked so hard at his maths and now loves grid method! He was very kind and
supportive to Molly S. in maths this week and he always tries his best in lessons.”
“He is really kind, he is remarkable at art and a kind friend.”
“He is awesome at maths and thought of some great ideas for our good and bad things about a pirate.”
“He has improved lots in football.”
“He is really good at maths and literacy.”
Star of The Week Teddy with Bic 'Topicolors' Pencils....!

Star of The Week Teddy with Bic ‘Topicolors’ Pencils….!

We’ve got in the habit of having two teddy rucksacks available and so I thoughtfully chose this one (above) with the coloured pencils – after all, he’s remarkable at art.

However, the other option was a
Lego Death Star keyring
with a real working laser——————–> zapp!

“You don’t want that one do you? ”
“Oh yes!” …and off he ran to my office!