One of the tasks for today was to see how well we could tell the time and try to show a time given to us digitally, on an analogue clock.  We thought we could show this on the blog using videos and so our day was taken up making storyboards, being an effective team member and taking and retaking videos!  Some of us met these Learning Objectives, some of us found them hard – it was the ‘who’s doing the video?’ bit that they found the most difficult!

Clock 1… Fin did a great job of explaining in this video.  The team pulled together to make quite a professional video!

Clock 2… Great camera work on this one making sure that everything fitted the screen!  The class picked up on the team’s script that the minute hand wouldn’t be on a 6, but the 30 minutes it represented.  Great work!

Clock 3… What a brilliant one this is – it’s fun, exciting and chatty!  (Quite precise with the anti-clockwise comment too!)

Clock 4… Another exceptionally professional video!

Clock 5… Now this one is full of detail… they’ve taken the teacher role on completely!  (I can see them in pretending mode too – shame they didn’t answer the phone half way through!)

Clock 6… This one was done amazingly quickly with no storyboard, script or plan – but the boys filmed a great video with excellent explaining!