‘Class 1 and 2 walked to Putsborough Beach.’ Jess

‘On the journey to the beach we saw the barley field which we had seen in September, when it had just been planted.’ Polly

‘When we got to the beach we had a few minutes playing and then it started to rain!!’ Annie

‘Even though we got wet we had good fun!’ Daisy

‘Even though it was raining, some of us made sculptures in the sand.’ Esther

‘We had lunch outside in the rain and we got very wet!’ Owen

‘Then we went in the cafe and had some hot chocolate.’ Harlee

‘After our hot chocolate we walked back and the Year 2s stayed in school.’  Gaby

‘On the way back some of us organised our entertainment.’  Aaron

‘When we got back we played in the classroom and had biscuits and juice.’  Max

‘After the juice and biscuits, we went outside and played with the parachute and it was really good fun.’  Milly

‘Then we played on the field and the motivator.’  Belle

‘We had a BBQ and some of Mrs Turner’s delicious cake!’  Jonah

‘The entertainment was really good and I loved it.  Aaron and Jonah (the ‘Dancing Duo’) were my favourite!’  Maia

‘We had a Teddy Bear competition.  Max won scruffiest bear, Rudi won cheekiest bear, Esther won best-loved bear and Daisy won best-dressed bear.’  Malakai

‘When I tried to go to sleep I couldn’t because it was too noisy.’  Sam   (strange…….Sam was fast asleep very quickly!!  Mrs T)

‘I enjoyed the Year 2 sleepover and I hope you enjoy reading about it!’   Polly