Following on from our previous post, the debate went really badly and we lost… but then we were arguing in the position of a Packaging Manager and actually, didn’t believe in what we had to put forward!

Backtrack… Our Eco Council went to the Met Office building today to take part in the first ever SAS Plastic Free Conference.

SAS’ boss, Hugo Tagholm opened the conference with a welcome and a thank you. There were four other schools present and between us, we’d done loads to be proud of.

We learnt about weather… climate… hot and cold air cycles… fresh and salt water cycles (thermohaline circulations)… and also about a staff member from the Met Office who rowed 1000 miles across the Atlantic. She saw a little bit of wildlife, but she saw tonnes of plastic!

In the afternoon, we broke into our debating groups. We took turns between the proposing and opposing sides on the motion of ‘Pausing the Plastic Free Programme until 2042.’

Our group did really well, reading our the notes we made the day before (check the previous blog) but sadly, absolutely no one voted to support the proposing sides… we lost!

However… a brilliant day, and I’m so, so proud of our group – we did such a good job and they were so good! 🙂