A call for help this Saturday to help us clear the nature area ready for exciting new ‘Forest Village’ plans

When we started working at Stepping Stones back in March 2017 we took on the nature area as we wanted to introduce Forest School into our weekly planning. We are so glad that we did! Since then it has become a massive part of the Stepping Stones routine. We have been incredibly privileged to have use of this area, it makes a huge and positive impact on the children’s development across all of the areas of learning. We have even been lucky enough to have been donated money by Councillor Caroline Chugg. This was invested in waterproof overalls for all of the children as well as gardening tools and equipment which they absolutely love! So come rain or shine you will often find us out there engaging in outdoor learning.

Now that Forest School has become such a large part of Stepping Stones, it has been hard not to consider how we can improve the space and the massive amount of potential it has to offer. Not just for preschool, but for the whole school to enjoy! There are endless amounts of exciting opportunities to enhance learning through play and nature. Having talked to FROGS about our vision, we are delighted to have their support with the development of this new project. They seem just excited about it as we are! We are ready to crack on and get the land ready for what we believe is going to be a magical place for the children at Georgeham Primary School. Take a look at what we are hoping to achieve for our new ‘Forest Village’…

Of course, we have a lot of work to do! But there is no time like the present and with winter around the corner it makes sense to get started sooner rather than later. We are looking for help this Saturday 5th October between 10am and 12pm to get the area prepped. As you can see from the images below, we have a great deal of clearing to do before we can start laying down the decking and bark.

We hope this will become the outdoor classroom/picnic area and growing patch.

Steps will be put in to make the slope easier to access and the area will be barked.

Decking will be installed coming out from the back of the shed with a recycled plastic roof to create an exploration area with fitted mud kitchen!


So, if you can spare some time this Saturday morning to attend a ‘Clearing Party’ then it would be massively appreciated. Be aware that it will be muddy work. Gloves & waterproofs are recommended and any tools you have to help get the brambles cleared would be helpful!  If you have any questions, you can pop up to Stepping Stones and speak to Holly who can fill you in on any more details.


Many thanks, Stepping Stones. 🙂