This afternoon class 1 learnt all about how to be safe on bonfire night! – Wear gloves when you hold a sparkler (Ned)
– Stand back from fireworks so they don’t hit you (Bea)
– Don’t go close to fireworks! (Jessica)
– Don’t touch the end of a sparkler! (Fin)
– Put the sparkler in a bucket of water when you’re finished! (Libby)
– Grown ups should light fireworks, not children! (Tilly)
– Wear foot protection in case you drop it on your foot! (Harry)
– Run inside if it goes wrong! (Isabelle)
– If a firework doesn’t go off, step back and don’t re-light it (Josh)
– Leave your dog inside! (Yosua)
– Keep the sparkler away from you so it doesn’t fall on your skin (Libby)

We made some lovely firework pictures using chalk as well as some fire safety posters, to help us remember how to keep safe! 🙂