Yet another successful bike riding day! …Only a couple of grazed knees and chains fallen off, but altogether an amazingly good day!

The Bideford Bunch got there in good time and enjoyed lunch on the beach at Instow. The Fremington Frenzy was a HUGE group but it really worked well this year with amazingly considerate children and helpful parents too. (Thanks everyone!) The Instow Splinter Group shot off at lunchtime for an additional 8 miles … And the Rock Park Rockets did indeed rocket; getting there in time for a whole load of playtime and back to Tesco before any of us caught up too.

Also the School Cyclists – a great day practising skills and having fun at school đŸ™‚ 🚴

Thanks everyone. An impressive and plastic-free cycle ride – I’ll have to say thank you to the three cafes that were prepared to refill water bottles for us. 💦

Now that your bikes are pumped up and oiled and your helmets are fitting properly on your head, make sure you keep up the cycling skills and be safe over the summer!