If you thought Hotel Transylvania was creepy then think again! The critters of Stepping Stones have been hard at work, searching and foraging to find the perfect items to build their very own Bug Hotel. It was evident before breaking up for half term that we hadn’t quite exhausted the ‘Bug’ topic and building these hotels with the children just seemed to good an opportunity to miss. They have really stepped up to the challenge. On Wednesday, after looking at some pictures and popping on their ‘thinking caps’, off we went to find the best rocks, twigs, stalks, leaves and flowers to create the finest hotels Georgeham School’s creepy crawlies have ever seen. As you can see, the children had a wonderful time. The hotel is fully equipped with it’s very own room service facility (we have been back several times to offload fruit peel and apple cores left over from snack) and we have also made a sign to let the creepy crawlies know how to find it, should they get lost en route. All in all, it has been such fun getting stuck in and we look forward to finding out which guests will come to stay! 🙂

As well as the hotel we have produced two very large spiders webs this week which we will hang from the ceiling. We just need to make some spiders now! We have also had a sensory tray showing the life cycle of a caterpillar through different shaped pasta which the children have painted! (It’s all about imagination here at Stepping Stones!).

Butterfly paintings, practicing the letter ‘a’ and number ‘6’ are just a couple of other things we have been up to. Not to forget endless fun pouring and mixing in the water tray with different coloured water. This has been a great way to cool off during the warm weather.

The children have been showing an interest in different types of vehicles and travel so we shall be having a look into this next week. However, Stepping Stones Bug Hotel shall not be forgotten, if you would like to make a reservation, please do speak to a member of staff…or probably more interestingly, your little one! 😉