A really slow start this morning. Elaine had to knock progressively harder on the boys’ door and Charlie said they had to sacrifice Sam to go and answer it being the closest to the door. 20 minutes until breakfast and we walled out of the door on time – perfect bunch of kids for getting ready and being organised this year. Again the girls’ bedroom is tidy, boys too actually 🙂
This morning the German teenagers hadn’t placed their towels on the chairs and we managed to walk in and sit straight down. James managed a full breakfast, toast, yogurt and two bowls of rice krispies and told us that his brother laughs that he says too much. Really James? Had the morning routine of issuing packed lunches and who likes what, tricky job, and managed to get on the train with 2 minutes spare. So, British Museum first for Egyptians and Islamic History… British Museum? The children haven’t spotted the irony yet.
Little bit awe struck as we walked in to the very impressive building. It looks like the Parthenon, it’s old wow it’s like woh! Etc…
Managed to see real life, yes that’s real life, dead mummies. Amazing to learn that they’re from 3500BC and that they’re still mostly intact. Although the girls didn’t like the dried up features.
We also found the Rosetta Stone with the three languages written on it, helping to decipher hieroglyphics. Some interesting selfies being taken.
I’ve got to admit to not knowing what exactly the Elgin Marbles were but I’m going to have to read up about the debate at the moment – should we have them?
On to yet another Tube sorry Thomas, no we can’t walk there, no it’s not just round the corner, to the Natural History Museum.
There’s lots of maths going on trying to work out what they can spend their money on. Lunch on the green outside the Butterfly House and there’s another, "There’s a shop Miss Hill!"